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Oregon State – Chapter 90 - Residential Landlord and Tenant Law


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City of Portland Mandatory Renter Relocation Assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Property Rent Ready?

A property in top-notch condition helps attract great tenants and commands higher rent. We recommend painting the interiors and getting the window furnishings, floors, fixtures and appliances professionally cleaned, to fix any repairs that need to be made. Once the property is put in order (per our rental agreement standards), we suggest regular maintenance hacks to sustain the quality of the place so that future turnover costs to the owner are minimized.

What About Management Pricing?

Your home is a valuable asset. Seemingly low-priced services can often lead to poor results because there is not enough staffing at the management company to provide the level of service desired. That is not a problem at Residential Property Management, Inc.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of service to our clients. We have competitive rates that help you avail of the best management services in Portland. Please inquire for a custom quote.

How Do You Choose the Right Rental Price?

Pricing your home correctly is very important. Residential Property Management, Inc. will work with you to get the best rental price per the market standards. We will be happy to start a little higher than our suggested rent amount if requested, but please understand we will be very candid when we quote the suggested rent amount.

Unlike other property management companies, we do not believe in overpricing your property just to make you happy or obtain a signed management agreement. We emphasize transparency to help you avoid long vacancies and reductions in the asking rent before the property gets let.

Do Property Managers Need To Be Licensed in Oregon?

Property managers are brokers and principal brokers as well as property managers managing rental real estate. To qualify, the property manager must: Be licensed by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

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