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A Clean Property is a Rented Property: Portland Landlord Advice

Hi, I’m Faye with Residential Property Management in Portland Oregon. On our blog today, we are talking about one of the most important reasons for your rental success, or possibly, one of the biggest reasons for your lack of success.

As a landlord you should ask yourself this important question: what is your definition of a clean Portland rental home?

It does not take long for a prospective Portland tenant to make a decision about your property. About 30 seconds after seeing it, a person will either feel positively or negatively about the house.

When they drive up, are they seeing a yard that is well taken care of, or one that is in need of care? Is the grass cut? Are the flower beds free of weeds and are the shrubs and trees trimmed? If the outside looks clean and has great curb appeal, your prospective tenants will feel pretty good about the house. But if they see something else, like debris in the yard and overgrown bushes, they’re not going to have the best opinion of the property.

As they walk inside, are those tenants seeing and smelling fresh paint and clean carpets? Or, are they walking into a home with odors and looks as if it hasn’t been deeply cleaned in a very long time?

The cleanliness of a home will make all the difference in how fast your home rents. Many Portland landlords don’t realize they need to do things at their rental property they probably don’t do at their own homes on a consistent basis. Walls, baseboards, and doors should be washed thoroughly or painted. Cobwebs in corners and dust on light fixtures should be removed. Window tracks should be cleaned, and windows washed inside and out. Kitchen appliances should be so clean they look almost new. Garage floors should be swept and cobwebs in corners removed. Paint cans or other items on site should be stacked neatly and put in their proper place. Patios and walkways should be hosed off. This is the kind of deep clean that gets a renter’s attention. Clean Property

If there are three words we can impress upon you, remember these:

Clean means rented.

If you have any questions about getting your rental property deeply cleaned and the effect it can have on your efforts, please feel free to contact us at Residential Property Management.

Posted by: rpmpdx on February 17, 2015