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Property Management Services

Here’s a sample of what we can do for you:

  • Maximize the net income of your property
  • Advertise your property across multiple platforms
  • Low eviction risk with professional tenant screening
  • Negotiate leases
  • Collect rent
  • Maintain the interior and exterior of the property
  • Supervise disbursements
  • Screen vendors and contractors
  • Manage landlord and tenant relations
  • Conduct walkthroughs of your property
  • Manage safety and environmental issues
  • Email monthly reports

The greatest benefit we offer is peace of mind. Many of our owner clients find managing their own investment property to be challenging. It’s easy to become personally and emotionally involved with the property and the tenants. We help you see your rental property as a business and instead of becoming emotionally involved, we implement consistent procedures that ensure your business is run efficiently and profitably.

Our highly qualified property management professionals will take the frustrations of being a landlord off your hands. You’ll find our management fee usually pays for itself when we are able to increase your property’s income potential and cash flow, reduce maintenance expenses and protect you from legal and liability issues.

Is there anything that needs to be done to make my property rent ready?

The better the condition a property is in, the better quality tenant it will attract. A property that shows well rents faster and commands higher rent. We recommend that the interior be painted or at least touched up, that the window furnishings, floors, fixtures and appliances be cleaned professionally, and that any needed repairs be made. Once the property is put in good order, we require (through our rental agreement) that the property be maintained in good order so that future turnover costs to the owner are minimized.

Portland Property Management Advice: How to Make your Home Rent Ready

How do you choose the right rental price?

Pricing your home correctly from the start is very important. You don’t want to give away profit or overprice the home so that it sits vacant for a long time. Residential Property Management, Inc. will work with you to get the best rental price the market will support at the time we begin marketing. We will be happy to start a little higher than our suggested rent amount if requested, but please understand, we will be very candid when we quote a suggested rent amount. The overpricing of your property by some management companies is unfortunately done in order to obtain a signed management agreement. This initially will make an owner happy because it is what they want to hear. This often leads to the unhappiness of a long vacancy and one or more reductions in the asking rent before the property finally rents. This will not give the owner the best return of their rental income.

How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Portland Rental Home

What about management pricing?

Your home is a valuable asset. Seemingly low-priced services can often lead to poor results because there is not enough staffing at the management company to provide the level of service desired. That is not a problem at Residential Property Management, Inc. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of service to our clients through one of the highest “team member” to “homes under management” ratios in the industry.

Price vs Service: How to Choose a Portland Property Management Company