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Client Feedback

CT – Tenant“The staff at Residential Property Management, Inc. made our relocation to the Portland, Oregon area a smooth transition. We are extremely pleased with our rental property, and the service that we have received from this rental company!!”

DM – Property Owner

“I’ve been working extensively with RPM for going on 2 years now and each and every time I’ve dealt with the owner or staff I’ve been treated with professionalism and courtesy and very impressed with the knowledge of everyone on their team. They are meticulous in detail, know their business and the rules, and handle themselves with expertise and competence.

For the past 20 years I’ve been dealing with property management company’s as a renter in college to early adulthood and finally as a property owner and have had my share of issues them. The renter for my condo had good things to say about RPM but I’ve read a lot of the negative reviews primarily from renters. I’ve lived in large apartment complexes before where there are many complaints concerning residential management companies, some fair and some unfair. I question the credibility of some of the negative comments.

The nature of the relationship between renter and property management/owner can be inherently antagonistic and disagreements are bound to happen. They adhere to the rules and serve as an intermediary between the two parties and must serve both in an honest, prompt and professional manner.

My time with RPM has been has been a pleasure and headache free. Of all the property management firms I’ve dealt with In the last two decades they been the best so far.”

JE – Property Owner

“We just started our relationship with Residential Property Management 1 month ago as we moved overseas and are renting our home. So far the service we have received has been great! The team has been very responsive to all our questions and highly communicative around progress on renting our home. If things continue along as they have I am sure I will be back to upgrade my stars from 4 to 5! Thanks RPM for taking such great care of our home while we are away!”

DD – Property Owner

“RPM was recommended by our realtor when we bought a house in SE and needed to rent it out for a year before moving in. They did a marvelous job. The tenants came up with a long list of complaints shortly after moving in; a couple were reasonable, many were finicky. Bob Johnson did an excellent job of seeing to reasonable repairs quickly and calming the tenants on other matters. The rest of the year went smoothly; the tenants were happy and left us a house in mint condition. I can’t recommend RPM highly enough. Bob Johnson and Danielle Paulson responded to my many emails and phone calls promptly and were a pleasure to work with.”

JB – Tenant

“We are renters with RPM and have been happy with everything so far. Any calls/ maintenance requests are being handled quick and well. James who checks if the house is in good condition every 6 months is super nice and considerate. I feel like everything is handled in a very professional and timely manner. They’ll earn the last star if we ever move out and everything goes smoothly as well :)”

MWH – Owner

“After many years of being an absentee landlord and not getting the proper services from another residential property management, my son found Residential Property Management, Inc. and we signed up with them. The past few years I have been under their management (duplex in Hillsboro), I found them to be very efficient and cooperative as managers. They operate under a tight rain which suited myself and my son and they cared enough to work out any problems with renters in every possible way. Whenever repairs had to be made, they took care of it immediately and promptly.

I personally would recommend Residential Property Management, Inc. at all times and I am giving them a good rating for this purpose. Now that I sold my property I would like to recommend Residential Property and their staff very highly to anyone who needs good, friendly and reliable management.”

Sincerely, Marli Wedgeworth-Horst

KS – Tenant

“We rented a house under RPM’s management for about 4 years, and overall had great service. There were times when we had some major damage occur (drainage issues in the basement) where we wished they had been a bit more responsive/timely. However, there were more positives than negatives and it was a good experience.

Pros: The online rent payment was a really nice option (links directly to your bank account) and the majority of the time we received prompt responses to our repair requests. Also, we had no issues with the return of our deposit when our lease was up.”

I would recommend RPM

J L. – Owner – Soldotna, AK

“This review is from the landlords side, but we had a great experience with RPM. We had a home to rent as we were overseas for several years and needed a company that could manage things hands off for us as the owners and take care of issues as they arose. We had used a different management company previously and the difference was amazing. RPM did screen tenants very carefully, and would inspect the home twice a year and send photos to make sure everything was okay. They would arrange for minor repairs and services without us having to be involved, but would email us to confirm we agreed to the prices, etc.

From reading the other reviews it seems like there have been renters who have not been pleased, but much of that may be the underlying property owners of those properties, as they forward to the owners all of the requests for repairs, etc. and it is the owners who decide if a given repair should be undertaken. For our part, any reasonable request from our renters was approved, and we had wonderful renters for our property.
Overall I had an excellent experience with RPM and would recommend them to anyone who needs a management company for their property.”

Roberta D. – Property Owner

“My husband and I are fortunate to have been in business with Residential Property Management (RPM). We can’t go wrong with RPM and will definitely refer people to them.”

Laurie C. – Property Owner

“RPM has been a savior for me in more than one way. Bob helped us out from the day we signed on and unraveled a messy situation. Danielle has always been professional and very helpful. THANKS RPM for all you do.”

Catharine H. – Property Owner

“Residential Property Management has always provided prompt, courteous and professional service. Though I do not live in Portland, I never have to worry that my property is vulnerable or that my tenant might be unhappy. Many thanks!”

Natasha F. – Property Owner

“RPM has managed my property for many years. I’m satisfied with their thoroughness and good tenant placement. They are very responsive and provide the annual tax statements in such a timely manner. Their staff is very friendly and responsive!”

BI– Owner

I’ve used RPM to rent out a property in NW Portland for the last 4 years and I’ve been very happy with their service. I live in CA, so I chose to use a management company to handle it. From an owner’s perspective, they run everything and it’s great.- Everything’s done digitally, so no messing with printing/faxing/scanning/mailing.- I’ve had ~1-2 months worth of vacancy.- Periodic inspections with photos give good confidence that everything is staying in good shape.I’ve had no complications… No bad renters or repairs, so I can’t comment on those situations. I haven’t had contact with the tenants, but they are on their second term and they found the property because they knew the first tenants. That doesn’t sound like unhappy renters to me.I definitely recommend them and plan to keep them for the foreseeable future.

MN– Owner

RPM has been helping manage one of my properties. They are easy to work with , very professional and on top of the game. I love their pro activeness in handling the property and regular reviews of the current state of the property. They communicate well with both the renter & owner. Could not have been happier with the experience

Diane W. – Property Owner“In my experience RPM is a well managed, professional company. Their customer service is superior. They do an excellent job interfacing with the tenant and property owner. I had an extraordinary, urgent situation with my property extending for months during which time RPM displayed an enormous amount of patience, professionalism and problem solving skills. Whenever I have requested their advice they gladly offer it from a firm base of knowledge and confidence.”

Kari H. – Property Owner

“RPM was quick to find a tenant for our space in this tough economy. The staff has always been quick to respond to any needs or concerns we may have. They are very professional and I would highly recommend RPM to anyone looking for, or in need of property management.”

John B. – Tenant

“Thank you and all the crew at RPM for a quick response and resolution to the problem!”

Dean B. – Property Owner

“I managed my rental for about six years on my own living in the Portland area. Now I’m 600 miles away and now, believe it or not, it is easier and less stressful. Thank you for putting my rental on auto–pilot.”

Diana L. – Property Owner

“I have been RPM’s client since 2001 and always feel I am so lucky to have chosen them among a few other property management companies I interviewed. I remember my first impression when I met Bob Johnson who manages the company was that this company must be very professional. Through several years passed, my initial impression did get verified. I am very satisfied with their responsiveness, communication, flexibility and customer orientation. ”

Dan and De – Property Owners

“For the last four years, we have been so grateful to have a wonderful management team from the Residential Property Management Inc. to take care of our property in Portland while we are thousands of miles away. Your dedication and expertise provide a great level of satisfaction to us and our tenants. With our mind in peace and knowing that our valuable property is in the good hands of the best professionals, we highly recommend your services to our friends and colleagues in beautiful NW. Great job and way to go!!! Thanks a lot.”

Mary B. – Property Owner

“In addition to renting our condo immediately, the best thing about RPM is their responsiveness.”

Susy B. – Property Owner

“To Whom It May Concern:
I have been abroad for almost 10 years now. RPM has been managing my rental property for the entire duration. In all those years, we have had very little turnover in tenants. They regularly check the property and make recommendations on maintenance. They proactively work to ensure 100% occupancy. They have always been available for onsite visits when I arrived unexpectedly. They even helped to arrange and oversee some major work that needed to be done. ”

“Net result is my house has only been empty two months in 10 years and the house is in good condition. Proof is in the pudding or rather…in the bank. ”

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. – Property Owners

“We have been very satisfied with the care and attention Residential Property Management, Inc. has provided. ”

“Their staff has readily responded to the needs of our tenants and those of our own. When a tenant was no longer able to fulfill his responsibilities, RPM dealt with the issue promptly. RPM then located a new tenant, and took care of all that was needed in the change.”

“Although we are residents of southern California, we have full confidence in RPM’s continued care of our rental property in Oregon.”

Constance H. – Property Owner

“Residential Property Management has been overseeing my rental property for over 15 years. I am extremely happy with the service this company provides: professional, competent and timely. I recommend this firm highly.”

Paul B. – Property Owner

“Moving overseas provided many potential challenges when renting out our property; fortunately RPM has “taken care of business” through a hands on approach to resolving tenant concerns in a timely and diligent manner. The ability to provide frequent and informative communication, efficient electronic handling of financial transactions, as well as a responsive and empathetic attitude, have all been key elements to our successful relationship with RPM over the last few years.”

Pat P. – Property Owner

“Utilizing the property management services of RPM for over a decade, I have always been impressed by the attentiveness and resourcefulness of the staff for their skills in tenant management as well as the quality of service providers they utilize to do repairs, maintenance, and more substantial property updates. Requests are always addressed with timeliness, thoroughness and with fair prices. ”

A Very Satisfied Client – Property Owner

“Residential Property Management has managed my properties since 1995. Over the years they’ve always provided sound advice and expert service.”

John L.– Property Owner

“I’ve used RPM for over ten years now and have been 100% happy with them.”

Tess S.– Property Owner

“My husband and I visited Portland in 1993. From our initial visit, we fell in love with this beautiful city to the extent that we bought a home that same year and additional units during our subsequent yearly visits to Portland. Through recommendations, we tried a couple of management companies and terminated with great disappointment. Our third go around was with RPM and that third was indeed a ‘charm’. The various changes in ownership and staffing in RPM did not have any impact in their management of our rental units. We have been dealing with Bob for over ten years. He is a stickler when it comes to the ‘Oregonian rental laws.’ Many times, I find the laws unreasonable for the owners Baring Teeth but Bob ensures we abide by them regardless of how I feel. Bob has no reservation to ‘feed the pill’ to both owners and tenants when it comes to the rental laws. As such and with Bob’s extensive knowledge of the laws, Bob and I both enjoy our homes with our respective spouses as opposed to being behind bars Smile ! Management is reflected in employees. Despite the occasional changes in staffing, each change is and has been for the better. I recommended RPM to one of my tax clients last year and both husband and wife are very grateful for having found RPM. Living in Japan and being absentee owners, RPM is indeed a GOD-SEND!”

Ruth H.– Owner

You guys are fabulous. I’m amazed at the detail you keep on the house. Thanks sooo much
Residential Property Management, Inc. is far, far better than the last property manager we hired.

SN– Tenant

RPM… I have to say after reading all the scorching reviews about Res Prop Mgnt. I was really nervous about our security deposits coming back to my husband and I. We rented for nearly five years and kept our property in excellent shape. Other than the bi-annual walk throughs, we were very pleased with their service. James is a great guy, he did all the walk throughs.. The gals in the office were pleasant. We actually broke our lease five months early because we were able to buy a house. I was sure they would keep our deposit. Well RPM worked fast and hard to find a replacement renter to finish our lease for us and they were quite a few people ready to rent the place. Although what conspired is too long a story to go into…Bottom line, not only did we get our security deposit back, we even got reimbursed for part of our rent in June! Granted we worked our arses off cleaning. You must clean when you move out of a home, even if they have to bring in a crew again, that is just the standard. I thought the place was spotless, but they still needed to do some more cleaning…I get that. All in all we had a very good experience with Residential Property Management.

WS-Property Owner

RPM has been managing a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in Hillsboro, OR for me since 2008. I have been very pleased with their performance through the years. I was particularly pleased with the way they handled my recent transition between tenants. RPM had 6 weeks to advertise, show the home, find new tenants, contract for the repainting of the interior, contract for the recarpeting of the entire home, contract for the repair of a leak in the master bath, do all the inspections with the new tenants and the prior ones, and also deal with a letter from the HOA regarding a landscaping violation.

A new lease was signed, the rent was increased 25%, and the new tenants moved in as scheduled. Needless to say, I am very pleased with RPM and the way they manage my residential property.