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Why Isn’t My Portland Property Renting?

Portland landlords may have a hard time renting out their properties, even though we are in a strong rental market which is a benefit to landlords and a challenge to tenants. Finding a place to rent in Portland has become increasingly difficult for many tenants. In fact, new laws were recently passed to give renters more time to find a place in this tight market. So why isn’t your own rental property renting as quickly as you expect it to? (more…)

Changes to the Landlord Tenant Law in Portland for 2016

The New Year brings a few changes to the landlord tenant law governing rental property in Oregon. As a landlord, it’s necessary to stay up to date on these legal changes otherwise you can easily find yourself in violation of them. Do some research on the things that went into effect in 2016, or talk to a property manager so you aren’t taken to court by a tenant who may know more than you do. (more…)

What Qualifications Should a Vendor Have?

Today we’re talking about vendors and the qualifications they should have before you allow them to do work on your rental property. As a landlord, you’re going to need plumbers, electricians and landscapers, as well as general handymen and contractors. You need to make sure you’re working with professionals who are licensed and insured, because risk needs to be managed as diligently as costs. (more…)

What Happens If My Tenant Breaks Their Lease

Landlords often ask us what happens if their tenants break their lease. If you’ve done good tenant screening, you’ve probably found a tenant who can be counted on to fulfill the lease obligations. However, things happen that are out of our control. Jobs are lost, transfers are ordered and divorces split up families, having a negative impact on a tenant’s ability to stay in their home. The way you handle a tenant who breaks a lease depends on a lot of things. (more…)

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