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Best Practices for Tenants Who Must Leave Us – Part 1

Hi, I’m Faye with Residential Property Management in Portland Oregon. In today’s blog, we are talking to the tenants who are leaving a property we manage. These best practices for the move out procedure will help you understand our expectations and contribute towards a successful end to our relationship. We want to have the end of your tenancy be as positive for all parties as possible. Our experience has shown us that good communication and clear explanations can eliminate any potential problems before they occur.

Forwarding Address

First, please provide a forwarding address so there is no delay in receiving your security deposit refund check. We mail security deposit refund checks 31 days after you have vacated, but if we don’t have a forwarding address, we are required by law to mail your accounting and any unused security deposit to the property address you just vacated.

Personal Belongings

Please remove all your personal property from the residence. Anything you leave behind cannot be immediately discarded by us, so it’s important to remove everything. This includes newspaper and cardboard boxes, food, or belongings you might consider to be trash. We are required to store all abandoned property for five days while we notify you by mail. If you don’t respond to our notification, we will need to pay someone to remove these items from the property at your expense.


We work with many, many renters moving in and out throughout the year, and because there are so many definitions of what “clean” is, we have established a standard of cleaning that is best described as a very deep clean. We want every tenant to be happy at move in, and nobody wants to move into a home that is less than deeply cleaned. You received a very clean property when you moved in, and we are looking for that same level of deep cleaning when you vacate. If you have questions or just need a cleaning company referral, please talk to us.

Light Bulbs

Make sure all the light bulbs in the house are working. There are so many different types of light bulbs that it’s impossible for our workers to carry even a small percentage of them all. When they have to search different stores to locate the correct bulb to replace, it can get quite costly for you. Do yourself a favor and change the burnt bulbs before you leave.

Keys and Remotes

Best Practices for Tenants Who Must Leave Us Part1Finally, please leave garage remotes and all keys to the property in a kitchen drawer, and then exit through a door not requiring a key to secure the property.

If you have any questions regarding your move out procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Residential Property Management. We wish you the best of luck with your new home.

Posted by: rpmpdx on April 21, 2015