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Reasons to Choose Residential Property Management to Manage your Portland Home

Hi, I’m Faye with Residential Property Management in Portland. There are many reasons why using Residential Property Management might be a good choice for you. We specialize in managing houses, condos and townhomes as investment properties. We also manage personal residences for employees of some of Portland’s largest companies while those employees are on overseas assignments, and also maintain ongoing relationships with several of the corporate relocation companies in Portland that often represent employees who are transferred to this area.
Hiring a professional property manager immediately establishes an arm’s length, unemotional business relationship between you and your tenant. Experience has shown us that it can be hard to detach emotionally when you are managing your own rental property. You might also have a hard time gaining the appropriate experience and knowledge when you’re managing a handful of your own properties on a part time basis. At Residential Property Management, we take care of a few hundred properties on a full time basis. Professional property managers deal in facts and laws, and we spend many hours on continuing education to update what we know about current and ever changing laws and regulations.

We talk about rental amounts with prospective clients every day and we have found that most self-managing landlords with one or two properties base their asking rent on what they’ve heard and what they’ve seen on the Internet. Unfortunately, those landlords never have the opportunity to find out what those properties have actually rented for, only what the asking rent was at the time a property was advertised online.

Demand for rental homes does not follow a straight line; it comes to us in waves. And these waves can have periods of low demand that might last four to eight weeks at a time. So when you place your rental home on the market, do you know if the market is currently in a low tide or if the wave is cresting with high demand? That will impact what you should be asking in rent. Our professional property managers have ongoing insight as to how long it took to rent similar homes in your area, and they will know if the asking price needed to be reduced to secure a tenant. The accurate pricing of your rental property from the start can save you one or two or even three months of vacancy.

Technology has become extremely important in today’s rental market. Most property management companies have their own websites and an online presence that’s used to market their rental properties. With technology quickly moving to mobile devices, some management companies like Residential Property Management, have their own mobile websites. This makes it easy for prospective renters to find answers to their questions and see photos and videos of properties from their smart phones at any time.  An increasing number of management companies are moving to online rental applications, making it incredibly easy for prospective renters to apply any time of the day or night. Paying rent online is another advantage many management companies offer Reasons to Choose Residential Property Management to Manage your Portland Hometheir tenants, and we are even finding that tenants are demanding it. If you do not have this kind of updated technology, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

If you have any questions about our services or how we might benefit you, please contact us at Residential Property Management. We’d be happy to help.

Posted by: rpmpdx on September 2, 2014